Image - Comprehesive Rehab Aqua Therapy

Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy is available only at our Clinton facility. Our on-site therapeutic pool is equipped with a chair lift and stairs so all our patients have easy access. Locker rooms with showers and storage are also available.

We find that aqua therapy enhances all aspects of rehabilitation, so we incorporate it across all disciplines of therapy. The reduced effect of gravity means that patients can experience movements in the water which may be unattainable on land.

The many benefits of aqua therapy include:

  • Strengthening and endurance
  • Decreased abnormal muscle tone (increased range of motion)
  • Increased body awareness
  • Balance awareness and training
  • Reduced stress through arthritic joints
  • Weight-bearing progression
  • Pain relief
  • Sensory integration

Our indoor therapeutic pool is 16' wide and 24' long reaching a depth of 4 feet. Water temperature is maintained at 92° F to promote muscular relaxation and increase ease of joint movement.